Adrian Florin

My Purpose

From my experience of over 20 years in the videochat industry I have learned important details that I would like to share with everyone I work with.

Because my business philosophy is simple, work and dedication without excuses and because I believe that in videochat without involvement you are not successful, because you cannot run a videochat studio without understanding how every detail in the business works, in these 20 years I have been a trainer, support, HR, financial consultant, moral support, technical support and manager for all my models and business partners.



Years of Experience


     Videochat industry, in addition to its moral particularity, what has attracted criticism is an industry where you can develop your creativity. Motivation, personal development, and especially the potential for very good financial rewards can be satisfying.

     I can say that I have had a lot of courage. Firstly, to start this business, consider the image deficit. Which, for a long time, was a negative one, when it comes to public opinion, friends, and so on.

     I managed to overcome all these barriers. I continued even more ambitious to demonstrate that video chat is not as it seems. With every opportunity I had. Whether in discussions with friends, at frequent industry-specific seminars, or in interviews. I exposed the reality of video chat, as I see it. I tried to change the very negative mindset that this industry has, especially in Romania.

     Every failure has made me stronger. Moving forward, after 20 years, I have achieved things that many don't even dream of. I have developed a legal business exclusively in Romania, without the fear of encountering problems. I have earned a clean reputation and demonstrated that success is possible in a field viewed skeptically


It's not easy to manage such a business. Because in this field, emotions are combined with technology and innovation. You always need to keep up with what's new!

       If you want success as a videochat model and as a videochat studio owner, you need to be actively involved. You have to find solutions for models in such a way that success and achievements meet expectations.

My main goal is to bring a new vision. A fresh perspective to an industry that's been around for over 25 years. Innovative projects and, above all, financial results for the models, studios, or sites I collaborate with or have already collaborated with.


My soul project is LCM Network, a project where models can have their own model network to benefit from and then after a period retire with a lifetime pension. I have dreamed of this project since I started in this field and now I can fulfill it.

Cam Agent is an innovation in videochat consulting and I want to find openness to all participants in the field of videochat to optimize relations between studios and models, but also sites in order to make the activity more efficient. Agent of the models is a project similar to those of sports agent or artists agent, I want to represent the model, and offer support or mediation in the relations with the studios or websites in order to be successful.