Videochat Consultancy

I provide consultancy and management at another level! Financial solutions, activity optimization, and training!

Videochat Model Agent

I represent models through the best collaborations with profile websites and through top-quality promotion!

Videochat Studio Partnership

I offer innovative concepts in the field, mediate studio-site relationships in video chat, and bring marketing solutions!

I innovate efficiently, deliver the best experiences to my collaborators and modernize the videochat industry. My ideas combined with years of experience help me bring training programs, software products for profile sites and of course substantial financial increases to the industry!



Are you in trouble? I am here to help you!


Let's build the future together!

My mission and my vision

My experience and success give me the confidence to bring a different perspective, both as an image and as a business system to the videochat industry. A vision in which the model and principles of fair partnership are in the foreground.

My approach

My personality defines the approach: an honest, direct, persistent, hardworking and creative person who wants to express his vision through results.


Years of Experience

My projects

LCM Studio

LCM Studio is an exclusive concept developed by LCM Agency, with over 20 years of experience in the field of video chat and over 13 years of experience in Timișoara.

Tips Battle

Tips Battle is a registered trademark of LCM. As a concept we are the first to patent Tips Battle. The idea started from the competition between models and from the desire to create new challenges. On live online model sites this type of show is dynamic and challenging.

LCM Network

„We bring you to the present what secures your future!" LCM Network is the newest project developed by Adrian Florin, a network based on an MLM system, intended to bring financial benefits.

LCM Center

LCM Center is an online model service center. The hub is based on the training service for online models and creators. At the same time, all LCM brand products are coordinated and promoted through the Center.

Flirt Babes

Flirt Babes is a group of models who are different in personality and style, but together they are successful. They create a community around them, being to everyone's taste, everyone finding themselves in at least one model in the team.


LCM TV – our TV for live online models. Because we are dynamic and like to create shows, we built our own studio, with green screen and week after week we have online shows with our models.


The project category also includes the consultancy offered for models and studios, the mediation between models and websites that I deal with, but also #CamAgent – ​​the models' agent. 

Want to have benefits from your own model network?

I bring you now what secures your future!

My offers

Partner LCM Studio

Opening of a Studio under the LCM brand

$20.000 /YEAR + 10% commission

Opening a Studio

Your own Videochat Studio

$15.000 /100 hours + extra hourly rate

Online Model Agent

Agent for Models

10% commission /Income

Other Services

Dedicated or Personalized

I mediate issues between models and studios/sites. I provide Financial/Legal Consultancy. Model Coaching. Staff or Management Training. I optimize studio activities. I offer Site Consultancy, Online Concept Development.
$ 0 +

Sales Generated On Sites

$ 0 +

Sales Generated on Studio

$ 0 +

Money Paid to Models

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Number of Models

My collaborators


Ozana Psychologist

Professionalism, integrity and passion are the words that best describe Adrian. For 2 years we have had an extraordinary collaboration based on trust, honesty and flexibility!

Nikki Model

He was my mentor and was able to show me the path to success. The 7 years of collaboration made me realize how lucky I was when I chose to collaborate with LCM, implicitly with Adrian. I managed to win 1 million dollars, but also other prizes and contests. I owe a lot of my success to Adrian.

Ava Trainer

My experience of 14 years in the field made me feel appreciated within the collective and with Adrian and always supported in any idea I had. He was the one who valued my qualities and supported me in all the proposed ideas.