#MoneyChallenge, the newest Adrian Florin's brand concept, a contest dedicated to online models and videochat models. The contest will take place at offline events where I will be present, but also online, on famous videochat sites.

The contest stages are multiple, different and always personalized by me. The challenges are diverse, both online and offline and the value of the prizes is determined by the complexity of the challenge.




During the Summits, I will challenge all the present models that I meet, whom of course, accept the challenge. As examples of challenges there will be objects hidden in the rooms where conferences will be held, they must be found and brought to me; correct answers to videochat questions will also be rewarded; there will also be more naughty challenges, which will be filmed and posted here later, only with the consent of the participating model. 


#MoneyChallenge Online is another story, I have launched an application form here, where video chat models who work on the most famous platforms in the industry can apply, I need you to fill in the link or nickname from the sites where you activate and the adrianflorin account will look for you when you are online and surprise: you will be challenged to the #moneychallenge! Fill out the form and be in the loop! For the safety of all models, the data in the form is confidential and will only reach my email address, and is used only for the contest.

Prizes at the Summit will be CASH, in dollars and Online will be TIPS! 

Ready for the #MoneyChallenge? If YES, sign up here! 

Follow me on Instagram and TikTok where I'll be giving details on each #MoneyChallenge! 

Attention, I do not post videos with you, I will only give details!

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This contest and prizes will be borne by me and my partners!